Zero to Hero: Day 11 – Be A Good Neighbour

Today’s assignment: to comment on at least 4 blogs I’ve never commented on before. I still shuffle on my cyber feet with my head down before I could pluck up the courage to comment on a few blogs simply because I feel a little “spammy” if I only say a few worthless words such as “nice post!” Well, I’ve made a few comments now, I want the next 24 hours to roll by sooner!

Writing Prompt: Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work? My hours of alertness actually start at around 17:00, precisely the time when one has just finished their afternoon tea. There is a sense of seduction that the night has to offer: the moments of peace when all has gone to bed, the solitude, the hidden creatures that beckon my mind. 1 o’clock: Only my wine and Laura Fygi for company. The start of a new creative adventure over candlelight. 2 o’clock: New possibilities happen. …

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Zero to Hero: Day 6 – Write to Your Dream Reader and Use Embedding!

While I do not have photos that I’m actually allowed to publish for the “scribble” element at the moment (have patience!), the image below is what I strive to look like when I’m scribbling (caffeine edition). This is also what I strive to look like if I were writing with wine (intoxicated edition, sometimes with Andrea Bocelli for company). And while I’m at it, the tone will most likely sometimes feel as if it were something out of reading The Oatmeal. Finally, I’ll leave you with a sample soundtrack of what I’m likely to listen to when doing my scribbles.

Zero to Hero: Day 4 – Saying “Hi” to your blog neighbours

This is perhaps my main downfall to building a community: not taking the time out to interact with fellow bloggers! As “easy” as it is to make a comment on somebody’s post, having an actual conversation to gain a form of relationship is much harder due to the time to interact with each person. Additionally, one of the things I find difficult is the fact that many of the bloggers in my niche category feel more empty than meaningful. It’s a cold feeling, but I’d much rather follow a few blogs that I can see myself immersing for a deeper …

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