A Room With A View

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

On the dance floor dancing the rumba. The rumba is all about love…romantic love, lost love, new love, chubby love, forgotten love, erotic love, jealous love, teasing love, hurtful love. No matter what, it’s a form of passion, one which allows you to let your feelings go in a safe environment. For just a few minutes there, he’s mine and mine alone.

On this floor alone, I trust him totally. We tell a story on the floor, one which we write together.

It could be crowded, it could be empty. But only the music and the perfect wooden floor boards matter. As long as I can see my partner, nothing else can stand in my way.

The music overpowers all noise. Drowning all distractions, I let it empower me. Perhaps it’s a sweet love song, or it could be one that talks of painful emotions…I fix my eyes on him as I then decide which story to tell from my library of memories. The song chooses this for me. My favourite is one that reminds me of certain moments spent with one who has been embedded in my thoughts for a while.

As I go through my memories, my heart feels different. I close my eyes for a moment and transported my emotions to that moment. Mi amor. Opening them once again, I see my partner, with a gaze and a smug that signals my readiness. I see him, and only him, and I have a story to tell.

No words pass between us, but I raise my hand slowly as he begins with his starting position. We draw each other’s attention, becoming much more aware of our presence. The air and floor around us are all fair game for story telling.

At 24 beats per minute, there is much to tell in a short space of time. Stretching my fingertips as much as possible, I signal him. I want his love. Solamente tu cariño. With determination and a swift swipe, I flick my emotions further with a spark to ignite a flame. He knows this, and invites me to embrace him.

I approach. Curiosity awaits me. First step with caution. Second step with courage. Third step with uncontainable excitement. I touch his chest for the first time. A gentle strength, but I decide not to let his charm blind me. Pushing him away, I turn my back towards him, spinning my way out just barely out of his reach. Donde esta tu amor? Seeing me leave, he follows in pursuit. Nailing the sole of my foot to the floor, my spin ends with a pose that exposes my vulnerability. He catches me from behind, seducing me with light caresses from his fingertips. At that moment, I knew I was doomed.

Contracting the upper back muscles and toes gripping the ground, the pain exhilarates both of us in producing the perfect counterbalance between our energies as we clasp hands for the first time.

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