Zero to Hero: Day 26 – Extend Your Brand

While I haven’t been doing much writing here on Scribbled Brews, I’ve been promoting my main blog Amantis Creations almost daily (note: almost! Because I know that nobody wants to read anything on Facebook/Twitter on Sundays). And I must say that it works! I’ve been linking to a few of the other big names in the dancesport niche, and I do get the odd Tweet retweeted. Can you imagine the feeling when a bigger player takes notice? Ecstatic emotions alight!

Zero to Hero: Day 21 – Build On Your New To You Post

Going back to Day 19‘s Zero to Hero entry, I posted a video of Henri, Le Chat Noir. Although I prefer to be in the company of dogs, I find that cats that have a certain attitude amusing in their own way. Think Grumpy Cat and The Oatmeal’s Bobcats series, the main components that make them popular in common are the kinds of humour they induce. I would give it the “highly entertaining” factor that goes well with my cup of brew as a criteria.