Home intoxication

20140509_235622You know the advantages of having somebody in your family learning cocktails for professional qualifications? The answer is: Plenty of free cocktails!

While intoxication is good for some uses, such as being able to write freely, having too much of a good thing can be rather impairing on the brain. Such as now.

But how can you say no to your father, who made you, not 1 or 2, but 6, cocktails for his practice purposes?!

Zero to Hero: Day 21 – Build On Your New To You Post

Going back to Day 19‘s Zero to Hero entry, I posted a video of Henri, Le Chat Noir. Although I prefer to be in the company of dogs, I find that cats that have a certain attitude amusing in their own way. Think Grumpy Cat and The Oatmeal’s Bobcats series, the main components that make them popular in common are the kinds of humour they induce. I would give it the “highly entertaining” factor that goes well with my cup of brew as a criteria.