Zero to Hero: Day 6 – Write to Your Dream Reader and Use Embedding!

While I do not have photos that I’m actually allowed to publish for the “scribble” element at the moment (have patience!), the image below is what I strive to look like when I’m scribbling (caffeine edition). This is also what I strive to look like if I were writing with wine (intoxicated edition, sometimes with Andrea Bocelli for company). And while I’m at it, the tone will most likely sometimes feel as if it were something out of reading The Oatmeal. Finally, I’ll leave you with a sample soundtrack of what I’m likely to listen to when doing my scribbles.

Zero to Hero: Day 4 – Saying “Hi” to your blog neighbours

This is perhaps my main downfall to building a community: not taking the time out to interact with fellow bloggers! As “easy” as it is to make a comment on somebody’s post, having an actual conversation to gain a form of relationship is much harder due to the time to interact with each person. Additionally, one of the things I find difficult is the fact that many of the bloggers in my niche category feel more empty than meaningful. It’s a cold feeling, but I’d much rather follow a few blogs that I can see myself immersing for a deeper …

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Saturday Night

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night? Saturday night, one of the best nights of the week to allow extravagant pleasures. Personally, there are three different Saturday night spending variations that deserve attention: 1. Version Dance Party Partying: the pinnacle to mingling and happy faces in a group setting. For me, it will be going to a fantastic venue that hosts many lovely dancers and a DJ who will get your heart pumping. I could get reacquainted with old friends and/or make some new ones with whom I could get some after-party dessert after. Maybe at 4am. …

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Junk Food Junkie

What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory. Potato chips and nachos…that first crunch upon breaking apart in your teeth which instantly releases the fresh aroma…even that instant crisp sound that hits your ears is like heaven to my ears. Crumbs that meld slowly in your mouth as you savour the salty delights. I like it spicy. I like it cheesy. I like it with a hint of vinegary acidity. That special taste of saltiness links it all. Just imagining the taste is enough to set me drooling like a famished hyena …

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Zero to Hero: Day 3 – Ideas for My First Post When It All Began

As mentioned on the Day 1 blog entry, I’ve stated that the idea of starting Scribbled Brews is to use it as a medium to give my writing a sandbox, a safe haven to play with words. At around that time, I have just gotten to know The Daily Post and thought that the Daily Prompt looks like something fun I can do on the side in addition to doing my regular blogging on my dance site. My instant reaction was to immediately set up a site, leading to Scribbled Brew‘s first entry. Another idea that was also formulating at …

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Zero to Hero: Day 2 – Site Title and Tag Line (the inspiration behind)

Doodling, scribbling, scratching, [insert equivalent here]…I love them all. Using some form of writing material to produce visual work has always been my thing from childhood. So most of my school work had a tendency to be filled with some drawings of some sort amongst my notes. (Sadly, I don’t have them anymore for show!) Fast forward to adulthood – I still own many different writing materials, but the majority of my “writing” has been shifted to tapping away on the keyboard. And it has been like this for a long time. But recently, as close as a few months …

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Zero to Hero: Day 1 – Introduction Entry (Since I have yet to complete my About Me page at this time!)

Hello all, I’m Amantis, your resident scribbler who blathers a lot over brewed concoctions! I’m primarily a dancer, and I actually have another blog for that purpose (link to be announced next month), with an interest in improving my general writing skills, hence the reason why I started this blog. And as I actually enjoy writing on paper, usually either over a cup of hot café macchiato or a glass of merlot, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing actual scribbles on this site as part of my blog entry. Think of it as an experimental blog solely for uninhibited writing …

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