A Room With A View

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? On the dance floor dancing the rumba. The rumba is all about love…romantic love, lost love, new love, chubby love, forgotten love, erotic love, jealous love, teasing love, hurtful love. No matter what, it’s a form of passion, one which allows you to let your feelings go in a safe environment. For just a few minutes there, he’s mine and mine alone. On this floor alone, I trust him totally. We tell a story on the floor, one which we write …

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20 Minutes Of Unbridled Writing

I’m back for more writing challenges! Since I couldn’t start Day 1 until today (technically, we’re on Day 5, but it’s been a nutty week!), here’s to an outbreak of my thoughts through writing! Or rather…this is perhaps the truest form to my thinking pattern. So…free writing for 20 minutes. This is perhaps where my true blathering begins. Wait…I need a drink…I need my brew! 1 minute later: I found cranberry juice hiding in my fridge. This is neither caffeinated nor intoxicating, but given I have a rather nasty sore at the moment, I had better lay off anything that …

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Zero to Hero: Day 26 – Extend Your Brand

While I haven’t been doing much writing here on Scribbled Brews, I’ve been promoting my main blog Amantis Creations almost daily (note: almost! Because I know that nobody wants to read anything on Facebook/Twitter on Sundays). And I must say that it works! I’ve been linking to a few of the other big names in the dancesport niche, and I do get the odd Tweet retweeted. Can you imagine the feeling when a bigger player takes notice? Ecstatic emotions alight!

Zero to Hero: Day 21 – Build On Your New To You Post

Going back to Day 19‘s Zero to Hero entry, I posted a video of Henri, Le Chat Noir. Although I prefer to be in the company of dogs, I find that cats that have a certain attitude amusing in their own way. Think Grumpy Cat and The Oatmeal’s Bobcats series, the main components that make them popular in common are the kinds of humour they induce. I would give it the “highly entertaining” factor that goes well with my cup of brew as a criteria.

Zero to Hero: Day 15 – Content Loves Design

You have no idea how long I played with the fonts prior to finalizing to what I’m using now! It’s frustrating when you don’t get the feel you actually want, but once you’ve got that nail hit, it’s like an explosion of rainbow euphoria bursting from the side seams and wanting to spread this ecstasy! Okay, I think that was the last of the jitter drug spazzing my noddle gears.