Songs In Life

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you? At the moment, my level of Spanish is under total beginner, yet some of the most important songs in my life are Spanish. Perhaps it is time to learn or pick up the language. Song 1: Besame Mucho One of the purest songs I can ever feel. Maybe because I desire to be kissed with true passion. Yet sadly, the kisses I shared where I truly gave my emotions away have not resulted to anything truly substantial at the time of writing. Is …

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Zero to Hero: Day 6 – Write to Your Dream Reader and Use Embedding!

While I do not have photos that I’m actually allowed to publish for the “scribble” element at the moment (have patience!), the image below is what I strive to look like when I’m scribbling (caffeine edition). This is also what I strive to look like if I were writing with wine (intoxicated edition, sometimes with Andrea Bocelli for company). And while I’m at it, the tone will most likely sometimes feel as if it were something out of reading The Oatmeal. Finally, I’ll leave you with a sample soundtrack of what I’m likely to listen to when doing my scribbles.