20 Minutes Of Unbridled Writing

I’m back for more writing challenges! Since I couldn’t start Day 1 until today (technically, we’re on Day 5, but it’s been a nutty week!), here’s to an outbreak of my thoughts through writing! Or rather…this is perhaps the truest form to my thinking pattern.

So…free writing for 20 minutes. This is perhaps where my true blathering begins.

Wait…I need a drink…I need my brew!

1 minute later: I found cranberry juice hiding in my fridge. This is neither caffeinated nor intoxicating, but given I have a rather nasty sore at the moment, I had better lay off anything that might irritate the poor thing.

In all seriousness, having to write without a topic genuinely feels awkward, it’s almost like writing a girly diary. Correction. A teenage girl’s diary. Or what some people might post on their Facebook status or Twitter updates: “I’m eating food.” or “I’m chewing food!” (Words inspired by David So’s video. I’ll link this up at the end of my 20 minutes!) There are many reasons why I dislike this sort of instant thought posting up to public, the main one being: “Is it really necessary?”

I have high preference for shorter writing. I don’t know if it is due to the efficiency, or if it’s my preference to be more direct. This is not to say that I totally dislike long writing. I find some writers to be extremely poetic. It’s an admirable trait. But not my style unless if I were writing a fantasy novel. A fantasy love novel rather. With cherry blossoms, red roses, and all forms of pink flowers are blooming, petals falling from trees, the wind softly caressing whatever is on the scene under the full moon in the twinkly starry night…I’d much rather save this sort of poetry for specific writing.

Another thought that runs through my mind now is how I find certain forms of music to be extremely distracting when writing. Or that they could influence the way you’re thinking at the moment. Bouncy, catchy tunes tend to be the most distracting simply because they make my feet want to stand up and just dance to them.

6 minutes left! What do I write? No really, what do I really want to write?

Where is Moliendo Cafe? Is it a place I can go to and dance to my heart’s content? Gah!

Dum dum dum dum dum dum…seriously. This is all I can think of right now. “Sombras.” Whee! Can the next few minutes pass by faster so that I can actually relieve my urge to dance?

Or perhaps I should just skip a few songs on my playlist…

2 more minutes! Just need to hold out for the next 2 minutes!

Hey, I shouldn’t be typing this slowly! Free flow writing should be about diary writing! Yes! Continuation of blathering! Now I think the results would be rather amusing if I had a glass of cocktail by my side. Most likely I’ll be writing about how I really feel about certain people, and perhaps unintentionally confessing either my adoration or fuming dislike for them in public. And  you know what they say…once on the internet, it stays on the internet! So perhaps it’s better this way that I don’t get carried away from being under influence.

Okay, 20 minutes is up! This is the result!

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