Songs In Life

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

At the moment, my level of Spanish is under total beginner, yet some of the most important songs in my life are Spanish. Perhaps it is time to learn or pick up the language.

Song 1: Besame Mucho
One of the purest songs I can ever feel. Maybe because I desire to be kissed with true passion. Yet sadly, the kisses I shared where I truly gave my emotions away have not resulted to anything truly substantial at the time of writing. Is it wrong to only ask to be kissed with passion? Right now, I can only dream and hold onto certain memories. It almost makes me want to cry.

Song 2: Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
As cheeky as I’d like to be, I’m growing increasingly frustrated with the “maybe” game. But I cannot blame anybody except myself for feeling this way. Maybe so…but no…there is a lot of soul searching that I can’t bring myself to do. Too many hidden emotions. Can I actually learn to stop yammering with my emotions? Or am I not emotional enough? Or perhaps I’m just being way too busy for my own good.

Song 3: Crazy (by Julio Iglesias)
This song always brings both fond and painful memories. Fond memories of my mother. Painful memories of watching her struggle with her fight to cancer. As this is her favourite song by her favourite artist, we used to play this at home all the time whenever I came home from school. I used to tease her to say how she seems to like the word “crazy”. But I think she had a point there…because it really is a beautiful song full of love.

To wrap up before my time is up: Love comes in many forms. We are made to give love and receive love in return. Too often, we’re hurt by the people we care about the most, often unintentionally. Resulting into shutting ourselves from loving, all I can do is to simply learn to make others smile, because love is so scarce today.

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