Saturday Night

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

Saturday night, one of the best nights of the week to allow extravagant pleasures. Personally, there are three different Saturday night spending variations that deserve attention:

1. Version Dance Party

Partying: the pinnacle to mingling and happy faces in a group setting. For me, it will be going to a fantastic venue that hosts many lovely dancers and a DJ who will get your heart pumping. I could get reacquainted with old friends and/or make some new ones with whom I could get some after-party dessert after. Maybe at 4am.

2. Version Date Night

Usually, the gentlemen would do the planning for this, and while I’m generally happy to go along with whatever would be on the menu for the evening, I would still have certain preferences over others. This means dinner at a restaurant with interesting food before heading to a lounge bar with a good live band to continue the evening of witty conversation over a glass of wine. Bonus points if he asks me to dance with him.

3. Version Home Alone

It would start with a heart warming meal in the company of chill out jazz (usually resorting to Latin Bossa Nova jazz) over candle light before moving on to reading and writing with red wine. Once in a while, this will include bantering over philosophy with a good friend online. This would continue into the night while including running a bubble bath to have my dessert and another glass of red to continue to contemplate about human emotions. I admit, some of my favourite moments in life were spent in my bath tub.

Source: Daily Prompt entry on The Daily Post.

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